Episode 164: Sandy Weil and Citi Bank (Part 3) (Premium)

Grubstakers ยท Episode 164 Teaser: Sandy Weil and Citi Bank (part 3)

In our final chapter covering Citi Group we cover the era between 9/11/01 to now! We cover everything from Sandy Weil walking out of Citi bank while it would soon all start to crumble. To the Citi bank scandals that led to the financial crisis leading to mass foreclosure, and much more! Find out all about how the bank that Sandy Weil helped built, and how our kids kids kids will probably end up paying for all the things they ruined. Crazy how a potential solution is public banking. We plan on doing more multi part series on the big banks let us know which ones you are most excited for us to cover. Enjoy!