Episode 169: Penny Pritzker

Grubstakers · Episode 169: Penny Pritzker

This week we continue our look at the Pritzker family empire and today we have chosen Penny Pritzker and her many crimes against humanity to focus on. We discover how Hyatt Hotels has abused their staff, the Jeffrey Epstein connection the family and their connection to BCCI. We covered another J.B Pritzker on our Patreon last week, and found more dirt about that family, which we share here. If at anytime you felt corruption was not connected this episode should open your eyes to how heirs are against airing their dirty laundry to keep their money theirs. All that and more right here on Grub$takers.


  • Pritzker’s net worth is listed in Forbes as $1.8 billion, which is one hell of a heavy magic wand in the world of politics. Her wand would have been heavier, and her net worth higher, except that in 2001, the federal government fined her and her family $460 million for the predatory, deceitful, racist tactics and practices of Superior, the bank-and-loan-shark operation she ran on the South Side of Chicago. Superior was the first of the deregulated go-go banks to go bust – at the time, the costliest failure ever. US taxpayers lost nearly half a billion dollars. Superior’s depositors lost millions and poor folk in Sen. Obama’s South Side district lost their homes.
  • Shattered Dynasty (Vanity Fair)
    Jay Pritzker quietly built a $15 billion empire of more than 200 companies, including Hyatt Hotels Corp., and a network of 1,000 family trusts. But one of the patriarch's final deals before his 1999 death, designed to bind his heirs closer, unleashed a torrent of anger, greed, and betrayal, culminating last fall in a $6 billion lawsuit by his 19-year-old niece, Liesel. The author charts the destruction of a great American fortune.
  • TOM STIEGHORST, Business Writer SUN-SENTINAL For the past five years whenever an airline has foundered, Chicago businessman Jay A. Pritzker has been somewhere close to the scene, searching out a deal for himself.
  • Racing cars, playing in bands, creating charitable foundations. Get to know the heirs to one of the country's biggest fortunes. Lisa Bertagnoli
  • Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Hyatt Hotels billionaire heiress Penny Pritzker is one of 40 politicians named in Sunday’s release of the Paradise Papers, an investigation of 13.4 million leaked records from two offshore services firms and 19 tax havens' company registries.
  • Obama’s Commerce Secretary choice raises serious questions. BY David Moberg
  • By Lisa Donovan Chicago Tribune | Aug 12, 2019 | 4:38 PM