Episode 193: Episode 193: Nelson Rockefeller feat. Tobi Olowe

Grubstakers · Episode 193: Nelson Rockefeller feat. Tobi Olowe

This week we look at Nelson Rockefeller and his time in U.S politics. We briefly cover the Rockefeller wealth and will take a longer look at that on a future episode. On this episode we dive into the policies of the republicans of this brief era and how some of them were more progressive than what democrats propose today. For this discussion we are joined by special guest Tobi Olowe the host of Impressions of America. At one point to take the focus off the US we spend a moment to discuss the UK’s Priti Patel. Enjoy! The following was mentioned by Tobi to add to our description.

I think listeners should consider the biography On His Own Terms by Richard Norton Smith. For the early CIA stuff although we didn't get into it as much but Gerard Colby's Thy Will on Rockefeller political interests in Latin America. For the Rockefeller family perhaps the PBS documentary. Impressions of America is a history podcasts about US History since the 1960s. We have covered key conservatives including Nixon, Reagan, William F Buckley, Ayn Rand and their effects on American life.

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