Episode 197: Trevor Milton (Nikola) (Premium)

Grubstakers · Patreon Teaser Episode 197: Trevor Milton's training that helped build Nikola

This week we look on the brighter side of billionaire fraudsters and cover Trevor Milton of Nikola hydrogen semi-truck fame. This is the man who sold the concept of a product that never came to fruition. Find out his humble Mormon Utah roots and the half dozen companies that taught him how to defraud investors into becoming the success he is today. This episode does have mentions of sexual assault so be forewarned that this dude is a mook.


  • Trevor Milton is worth $1.1 billion today, but to any spectator, it’s clear that his journey was far from smooth sailing. From losing his mother to cancer early in his life to failing two consecutive times to keep doors open at his previous startups — and losing his house, car, and other personal assets in the process — nobody could reasonably expect that Milton would bounce back and start Nikola Motor Company, a six-year-old hydrogen truck maker now worth over $3 billion.
  • Nikola founder Trevor Milton has sued a Utah businessman for defamation, accusing him of a “malicious campaign to harass” and discredit the billionaire by publicly accusing him over Twitter of sexually abusing women, according to the lawsuit filed this week.