Episode 247: Jim Justice (Govenor of West Virginia)

Grubstakers · Ep 247 Jim Justice, Governor of West Virgina

The biggest CEO and Governor in both size, width, and breadth. Jim Muthafuckin “Boy Uh I say I say boy” Justice. So Jim, do you really, like reaaaally actually act as a CEO over 100 companies? Oh… really? I mean seems like that’s a lot on your plate while also being a Governor… oh you also coach a High School girls Basketball team? That sure is a lot time that you could be fixing your states economy, or I don’t know maybe improving Health and Welfare… OH Infrastructure yeah that’s failing and uhh… Wait, Did you say High School girls Basketball team?! Oh no… oh no no no no no.

Here is a link to the Forbes Article Sean mentioned, if you’re into the whole reading thing. (There is also an audio version in the article, so don’t worry)


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  • CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—According to the “World’s Billionaires List,” an annual list put out by Forbes, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is no longer a billionaire.
  • CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Two employees have died in separate accidents at coal mines in West Virginia this month, Gov. Jim Justice said Wednesday.
  • A year since statewide strike Thousands of teachers and support staff in West Virginia are walking out of schools today and descending on the state capitol in Charleston to oppose legislation that would introduce the state’s first charter schools and divert public resources and students from traditional public schools.
  • Coal miner killed at mine owned by West Virginia governor (World Socialist Web Site wsws.org)
    By Clement Daly 18 March 2017
  • By Clement Daly 26 January 2017
  • The agreement, which the unions endorsed and are claiming as a victory, is a betrayal of the courageous struggle by 33,000 school workers.
  • Thousands of mining companies throughout the US continue operating despite owing millions in delinquent fines for past health and safety violations. A joint investigative report by National Public Radio (NPR) and Mine Safety and Health News (MSHN) released last week reveals that nearly $70 million in delinquent fines are owed by some 2,700 mining companies operating coal, metal, and mineral mines in the US.
  • Honoring the visionaries... (Tom White Studios)
    Jim Justice, Jr., has fondest memories of exploring West Virginia as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. "I have a real love for the outdoors, and it began with my dad (James, senior), with me waddling alongside him."  As CEO of the Justice Family Group LLC, Jim donated a $25 million gift for the creation of the Summit Bechtel Reserve near the family home in Lewisburg, West Virginia.  "I can't think of an organization that has done more for youth," says Justice noting that BSA emphasizes character and citizenship. "If there's anything we need today, it's that!"  The hunting scene featured in the monumental bronze has Jim on his knee, hunting rifle at his side along with his dog 'Lady,' and the image of his father, James Justice, Sr., who was the inspiration for his outdoor memories.
  • Several reports out of West Virginia said that on May 11, billionaire Jim Justice, who made his fortune on selling much of his coal holdings a few years ago to a Russian commodities company, Mechel OAO, has declared himself as a candidate for governor of West Virginia.
  • Jim Justice Biography
  • "My family worked hard to build a business and even harder to pay the bills," Salango says in the ad, which the candidate tweeted out. "Jim Justice is a billionaire who has been sued over 600 times for not paying his bills."
  • Initially, Jim Justice said people who found the term racist were “absurd.” Now he’s sorry “if I’ve done anything that has offended them.”
  • West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is no stranger to legal issues. By Forbes’ recent tally, courts have ordered the coal tycoon to pay more than $10 million in civil judgments just since 2016 and he faces another $60 million in a civil case over coal mine royalties.
  • “If you’ll tend to the business of the state as I’m tending to the business of the state and you’ll just stay out of my family’s personal stuff, you’ll find that the final outcomes will be exactly what I’ve told you they’ll be,” Justice said Tuesday during his COVID-19 briefing. “They’ll be worked out.”
  • CHARLESTON — Three days after a judge rejected arguments by the governor and his son in a lawsuit claiming their coal business reneged on millions of dollars of debt, James Justice III bought a house from golf star Bubba Watson for $2.5 million.