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Grubstakers is a podcast about the deeds and misdeeds of the exclusive club of ~2,600 billionaires who run the world. There's a free episode every week with a premium Patreon episode every week as well.

Most recent episodes:

Episode 249: Russell Weiner founder of Rockstar Energy, son of Michael Savage feat. Felix Biederman
This episode we down some energy drink and dive into the legacy of Michael Savage, and the footnote of Rockstar Energy Drink, his son Russell Weiner. Featuring our special guest from Chapo Trap House, Felix Biederman. The lads were having so much fun that the audio get's a little bit … [Read more]

Episode 247: Jim Justice (Govenor of West Virginia)
The biggest CEO and Governor in both size, width, and breadth. Jim Muthafuckin “Boy Uh I say I say boy” Justice. So Jim, do you really, like reaaaally actually act as a CEO over 100 companies? Oh… really? I mean seems like that’s a lot on your plate while also … [Read more]

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