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Grubstakers is a podcast about the deeds and misdeeds of the exclusive club of ~2,600 billionaires who run the world. There's a free episode every week with a premium Patreon episode every week as well.

Most recent episodes:

Episode 179: Bernard Arnault (Part 1)
This week we tackle the richest man in Europe, and briefly this year, the richest man in the world, luxury megabillionaire Bernard Arnault. We investigate his privileged upbringing, the sketchy background of the company he built his wealth on, and speculate on his relationship with Alligator mississippiensis. Part 2 will … [Read more]

Episode 171: Giovanni "Gianni" Agnelli, L'Avvocato ("The Lawyer")
On this episode we cover the Italian stallion the lawyer with no law practice under his belt Gianni Agnelli. We cover how he was born with wealth from his grandfather, which included a 20 year long bender enjoying the exciting life of international playboy. This episode features such known guest … [Read more]

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