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Grubstakers is a podcast about the deeds and misdeeds of the exclusive club of ~2,600 billionaires who run the world. There's a free episode every week with a premium Patreon episode every week as well.

Most recent episodes:

Episode 197: Trevor Milton (Nikola) (Full episode on Patreon)
This week we look on the brighter side of billionaire fraudsters and cover Trevor Milton of Nikola hydrogen semi-truck fame. This is the man who sold the concept of a product that never came to fruition. Find out his humble Mormon Utah roots and the half dozen companies that taught … [Read more]

Episode 193: Episode 193: Nelson Rockefeller feat. Tobi Olowe
This week we look at Nelson Rockefeller and his time in U.S politics. We briefly cover the Rockefeller wealth and will take a longer look at that on a future episode. On this episode we dive into the policies of the republicans of this brief era and how some of … [Read more]

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