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Grubstakers is a podcast about the deeds and misdeeds of the exclusive club of ~2,600 billionaires who run the world. There's a free episode every week with a premium Patreon episode every week as well.

Most recent episodes:

Episode 193: Episode 193: Nelson Rockefeller feat. Tobi Olowe
This week we look at Nelson Rockefeller and his time in U.S politics. We briefly cover the Rockefeller wealth and will take a longer look at that on a future episode. On this episode we dive into the policies of the republicans of this brief era and how some of … [Read more]

Episode 192: Diane Hendricks (Full episode on Patreon)
This week we cover the Wisconsin right wing ding bat Diane Hendricks. Her late husband and her built their wealth on the backs of construction companies losing union support, and she also produces some of the dumbest movies including An American Carol a movie so stupid I refuse to type … [Read more]

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