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Grubstakers is a podcast about the deeds and misdeeds of the exclusive club of ~2,600 billionaires who run the world. There's a free episode every week with a premium Patreon episode every week as well.

Most recent episodes:

Episode 160: Sandy Weill and Citigroup (Part 1)
The first part of our 3 part series exploring the saga of Citigroup, the first American bank to become too big to fail. We follow the career of its billionaire CEO Sandy Weill: a rich kid from Brooklyn who had a dream to climb the corporate ladder by smashing up … [Read more]

Episode 155: Shane Smith (Vice)
We freebased DayQuil and recorded a podcast episode about Vice billionaire Shane Smith. This one delves into Smith's murky backstory, Vice's humble beginnings as a media property pump and dump, Vice union busting, and Smith's racist friend Gavin McGinnes. About ten minutes before the episode ends there were some technical … [Read more]

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