Billionaire Directory

Below are brief bios of a collection of the billionaires we profiled on the show. Contained within the bios are links to their episodes as well as a collection of sources. To find a particular billionaire quickly, use the handy search feature in the menu bar. For more billionaires that aren't in the directory, check out our friends at

Jeff Bezos
Net worth: $110.5B (Forbes, March 2020)

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, and the current owner of Whole Foods and The Washington Post. Details about Bezos’s early personal life are murky. Born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen in 1964, Bezos changed his name to that of his adopted … [Read more]

Meg Whitman
Net worth: $3.5B (Forbes, March 2020)

Meg Whitman is known for donating to Delaware’s most famous politician (Joe Biden) as well as running its most famous Tech Startup (eBay). She’s also known for losing a campaign to become governor of California. Born in 1956 in Huntington, New York, Whitman comes from a long and distinguished family … [Read more]

Eric Lefkofsky
Net worth: $2.7B (Forbes, March 2020)

Eric Lefkofsky is a cofounder of Groupon, the husband of a Biden donor, and somebody who a website less concerned about libel litigation might refer to as "The King of Pump and Dumps". Born September 2, 1969 in Southfield Michigan, Lefkofsky is the son of a structural engineer and a … [Read more]