Below are all the episodes we saw fit to record and release to you fine folks. Episode pages include citations of sources used in the episode as well as a link to billionaire pages providing a brief written bio. Some episodes are only available in full at our Patreon. To find a particular billionaire quickly use the handy search feature in the menu bar. Paginated for your pleasure.

Episode 197: Trevor Milton (Nikola) (Full episode on Patreon)
This week we look on the brighter side of billionaire fraudsters and cover Trevor Milton of Nikola hydrogen semi-truck fame. This is the man who sold the concept of a product that never came to fruition. Find out his humble Mormon Utah roots and the half dozen companies that taught … [Read more]

Episode 193: Episode 193: Nelson Rockefeller feat. Tobi Olowe
This week we look at Nelson Rockefeller and his time in U.S politics. We briefly cover the Rockefeller wealth and will take a longer look at that on a future episode. On this episode we dive into the policies of the republicans of this brief era and how some of … [Read more]

Episode 192: Diane Hendricks (Full episode on Patreon)
This week we cover the Wisconsin right wing ding bat Diane Hendricks. Her late husband and her built their wealth on the backs of construction companies losing union support, and she also produces some of the dumbest movies including An American Carol a movie so stupid I refuse to type … [Read more]

Episode 191: Planet of the Humans and the Green Energy Industrial Complex (Full episode on Patreon)
We discuss the recent documentary "Planet of the Humans" by Jeff Gibbs and the controversy it has generated. Prime among its allegations are that so called "green renewable" energy sources like wind, solar, and biofuel have serious costs and drawbacks that are being covered up or downplayed by billionaire funded … [Read more]

Episode 190: Eurodollar, SOFR & the Origins of the Libor Scandal
Join us as we get into the weeds of Eurodollars, the Libor rigging scandal during the 2008-9 financial crisis, and the Libor replacement known as SOFR (the "secured overnight financing rate"). SOFR is supposed to be safe against manipulation that happened to Libor; but is it? We'll look at the … [Read more]

Episode 189: Malvinder Mohan Singh & Shivinder Mohan Singh (Ranbaxy Laboratories) (Full episode on Patreon)
This week we are taking a look at the Singh brothers. Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh the heirs to a generic pharmaceutical company that would be responsible for providing Africans with AIDS, junk drugs. A major source for this episode was A Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story … [Read more]

Episode 188: Offshore Money
A short overview of the system of offshore money that allows the rich and powerful to skirt laws and pick and choose the jurisdictions that apply to them. Learn how to set up a shell corporation, hide your assets, and buy a passport as well as a few facts about … [Read more]

Episode 187: Deutsche Bank (Part 3) (Full episode on Patreon)
The last episode in our series on Deutsche Bank explores their role in the LIBOR scandal, the 2008 financial crisis, the 2007 fire at their headquarters, and an odd fact about the Mueller report. Part 1 here: https://soundcloud.com/grubstakers/episode-183-deutsche-bank-part-1 Part 2 here: https://soundcloud.com/grubstakers/episode-185-deustche-bank-part-2 [Read more]

Episode 186: Joseph Tsai (Full episode on Patreon)
On this episode of Grubstakers, we explore Joseph Tsai, owner of various sports franchises including the Brooklyn Nets, and how he got his start working for Jack Ma as a co-founder of Alibaba (we also did an episode covering Jack Ma; link provided below). Tsai grew up rich, and ventured … [Read more]

Episode 185: Deustche Bank {part 2} (Full episode on Patreon)
This week we return to our multi part profile of the infamous Deustche Bank. This episode looks at the 50 years after world war 2 and the beginning of this century. We continue to discuss the Nazi gold they stole from the teeth of people to fund the will of … [Read more]