Below are all the episodes we saw fit to record and release to you fine folks. Episode pages include citations of sources used in the episode as well as a link to billionaire pages providing a brief written bio. Some episodes are only available in full at our Patreon. To find a particular billionaire quickly use the handy search feature in the menu bar. Paginated for your pleasure.

Episode 249: Russell Weiner founder of Rockstar Energy, son of Michael Savage feat. Felix Biederman
This episode we down some energy drink and dive into the legacy of Michael Savage, and the footnote of Rockstar Energy Drink, his son Russell Weiner. Featuring our special guest from Chapo Trap House, Felix Biederman. The lads were having so much fun that the audio get's a little bit … [Read more]

Episode 247: Jim Justice (Govenor of West Virginia)
The biggest CEO and Governor in both size, width, and breadth. Jim Muthafuckin “Boy Uh I say I say boy” Justice. So Jim, do you really, like reaaaally actually act as a CEO over 100 companies? Oh… really? I mean seems like that’s a lot on your plate while also … [Read more]

Episode 241: Russia Part Two (Full episode on Patreon)
We continue our series on Russia, It's a YELTSIN PARTY UP IN HERE. You've found the hottest club in the USSR, and it has it all! A lovable nerd in a Deep Blue Cosplay pulling a fast one on Kasparov, the largest death toll that doesn't involve war time... or … [Read more]

Episode 240: The collapse of the Soviet Union and Russia in the 90s (Part 1)
We looked at the similarities between empires collapsing of the past. Oddly enough we believe we found a pattern in the madness. Sean read a book about domestic Russian actors and asset stripping it's called Godfather of the Kremlin: The Decline of Russia in the Age of Gangster Capitalism by … [Read more]

Episode 239: Monthly Round Up (June 2021) (Full episode on Patreon)
We review some of the big stories in June including the deaths of John McAfee and Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Cosby getting out of jail, Robinhood settling with the FTC, the continuing domestic war on terror, Google's data collection practices, and we close with Sean ranting about the squad. [Read more]

Episode 238: ProPublica Tax Leaks
In this one we provide an overview of the recent IRS leaks to ProPublica regarding the tax-avoidance schemes of the 25 wealthiest Americans. We examine the massive crime of releasing personal tax records to the public and demand arrest and public execution for those responsible. The article covered is available … [Read more]

Episode 237: Crime of the Century (Full episode on Patreon)
The fellas give an overview of the HBO Max doc Crime of the Century about the movers and shakers of the opioid crisis. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll drop bars about titration. [Read more]

Episode 236: May Round-up: Qanon poll, institutional investors buying up houses, and UFOs (Full episode on Patreon)
15% of Americans believe that the government, media and other entities are controlled by Satan-worshipping pedophiles running a child sex trafficking ring. Cerberus Capital and other private equity firms are buying up distressed real estate and renting it back to previous tenants. The Pentagon deep state is about to release … [Read more]

Episode 235: Nukes Part 2 (Full episode on Patreon)
We finish our look at how cool nuclear weapons are by discussing eleven times in history where humanity was almost wiped off the face of the Earth by them. Andy enlightens us as to how a fission explosion works and continues his audition to become a rogue state's nuclear scientist. [Read more]

Episode 234: Nukes Part 1 (Full episode on Patreon)
We sort of continue our Kennedy's saga with a visit to the defining technology of the Kennedy administration - the atomic bomb. This episode covers some of the basic science of nuclear weapons and gives you all the information you need to start a nuclear weapons program of your own. [Read more]