Episode 147: Meg Whitman (Biden donor)

Thanks for joining us on our International Woman’s day special! We chose to discuss the tenacious Meg Whitman. She grew up in the area of NY, that F. Scott Fitzgerald based the book The Great Gatsby on. Her parents came from families tied to Boston's elite, known as the "Boston Brahmins. She would make her billions using her ties to Goldman Sachs with her new business she works at eBay. Her kids have assaulted people and used racial slurs at college. They support Joe Biden to ask America why why why why why why why why why why why…Enjoy


Meg Whitman
Net worth: $3.5B (Forbes, March 2020)

Meg Whitman is known for donating to Delaware’s most famous politician (Joe Biden) as well as running its most famous Tech Startup (eBay). She’s also known for losing a campaign to become governor of California. Born in 1956 in Huntington, New York, Whitman comes from a long and distinguished family … [Read more]