Below are all the episodes we saw fit to record and release to you fine folks. Episode pages include citations of sources used in the episode as well as a link to billionaire pages providing a brief written bio. Some episodes are only available in full at our Patreon. To find a particular billionaire quickly use the handy search feature in the menu bar. Paginated for your pleasure.

Episode 146: Eric Lefkofsky (Groupon, Biden donor) (Full episode on Patreon)
Eric Lefkofsky is here and he wants to tell you about his new business idea. In this one we cover the man who started Groupon, Starbelly, Tempus, and several other companies with quick IPOs, massive executive payouts, and inevitable bankruptcies. He also has a Polish name. The audio might be … [Read more]

Episode 145: Haas Family (Levi Strauss & Co.)
This week we are sad to end our run of billionaires endorsing Pete Buttigieg. We cover the billionaire Mimi Haas who married Peter E. Haas a heir to the Levi Strauss estate. Find out how your boomer relatives’ favorite garment is directly connected to 30 years of labor abuse, slavery … [Read more]

Episode 144: Reed Hastings (Netflix) (Full episode on Patreon)
We discuss Netflix CEO and charter school/Pete Buttegieg pushing billionaire Reed Hastings. Hear about his humble upbringing in a private New England prep school and how he pushed out everyone who helped him build the company he oversees today. This Scion has employees so terrified that even the Wall Street … [Read more]

Episode 143: Daniel Lubetzky (Kind bar CEO)
This week we profile Mexican Jew Daniel Lubetzky who’s fathers experience in the holocaust informed his views on making money the “Kind” way. The kindest way to make the world a better place by profiting from the slave labor of chocolate, the palm oil farmers burning their trees to maintain … [Read more]

Episode 142: Dan and Farris Wilks (Full episode on Patreon)
On this particularly silly episode we profile fraternal fracking billionaires, neo-enclosurists, and sitcom hating religious zealots Dan and Farris Wilks. This is our dumbest episode yet and Yogi will be back next week to whip us into shape. [Read more]

Episode 141: Cary Katz (Blaze Media and Student Loans) feat. Adam Sokol
This week we're joined by Adam Sokol to talk student loan billionaire, media mogul, and poker jackass Cary Katz. Adam talks about his experiences moderating for Katz's media property The Blaze and we find absolutely no connections between Katz and a different successful businessman, gun rights advocate, and poker enthusiast … [Read more]

Episode 140: Reid Hoffman (Buttigieg donor) (Full episode on Patreon)
It's another Buttigieg supporter and this time it's the man who invented MySpace for careerist psychopaths: LinkedIn. We've endorsed his skills at making less money selling his property to Microsoft than the Minecraft guy and rehabilitating Jeffrey Epstein. He also made an Apples to Apples ripoff called "Trumped Up Cards", … [Read more]

Episode 139: Seth Klarman (Buttigieg/ACRONYM funder)
This week it's one of Pete Buttigieg's wine cave billionaires and top ACRONYM donor Seth Klarman. We couldn't find anything wrong with him so we just spent the whole episode saying nice things. Overall? Great guy. [Read more]

Episode 138: Iowa Caucus reaction (Full episode on Patreon)
You know what it is. We take a look at the disaster that was the Iowa Caucus. Hot takes involving those that funded the app, and much much more. Regular episodes resume next week. [Read more]

Episode 137: Columbia University feat. Stephanie
This week we take a look at Columbia University with our spy on the inside Stephanie. We discuss how the business school operates in teaching the propaganda of capitalism to students all over the world for a profit. From biased views of how business can and will save the world … [Read more]