Episode 152: Teaser: David Green (Co-Founder of Hobby Lobby) (Premium)

In your quarantine seclusion please enjoy our look at the hobby lobby co-founder who is literally funding the religious right to the terrible oppression it has always been known for. This episode has it all, Chinese labor violations, ISIS funding antiquities dealing for the Museum of the Bible and as always a origin that begins with a young boy being insulted by his mother. All that and more one click away. Listen to the end for a surprise! What’s the surprise you made me very happy, because who knows who’s listening and who isn’t anymore. We’re just happy you are tuning in. This episode was edited by Yogi.

NYC banned butt munching so we excluding discussion of the act for our safety. Call your local representative, and demand to know when the CDC will give us our god given right as citizens in the "free world"