Episode 1: Jeff Bezos

On the debut episode of Grubstakers, the only podcast about billionaires, we examine the life of Jeff Bezos founder of amazon.com and the richest man on Earth. We trace his rise from humble nerd fucking his subordinates to his innovative idea to bankrupt and ruin every mom and pop bookseller in the country to his more sinister current form. Perhaps the most horrific labor abuser in America his fortune was accumulated through staggering exploitation. Don't listen if you want to feel good about your amazon prime account.


Jeff Bezos
Net worth: $110.5B (Forbes, March 2020)

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, and the current owner of Whole Foods and The Washington Post. Details about Bezos’s early personal life are murky. Born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen in 1964, Bezos changed his name to that of his adopted … [Read more]